Deepika Padukone’s special tips on mental health, makes people aware against depression.


Deepika Padukone has always been involved in the fight against depression. Deepika says that more awareness is needed about mental health. He believes that in today’s time there should be an open discussion about mental health and there is a need to create more awareness in this regard. According to Deepika Padukone, now people have started talking openly on mental health. Now it is not considered as stigmatizing as it was before, but more awareness needs to be created in this regard.

Let us tell you that Deepika is working on social media to spread awareness about depression and mental health. Deepika Padukone shared a post on 21 June this year in which she wrote- Repeat After Me: Depression Treatment can be done. Repeat After Me: Treatment of depression is possible. Repeat After Me: Depression can be prevented. The Live Love Laugh Foundation, whose founder is Deepika Padukone, makes people aware of their mental health. On behalf of the Foundation, measures are also being given to fight mental health.

Keep yourself mentally fit with these tips in lockdown.

Create a peaceful atmosphere.

For the mind to remain stable, it is very important that the things and environment around you also be organized. When things around you are spread and scattered, the mind is also disorganized.

Maintain routine for mental health.

Life has become a bit complicated between the corona epidemic, so follow a routine so that you can be free from anxiety and stress.

Work on your hobby.

You feel relaxed after working on your hobby. If you get pleasure from cooking, then make your favorite food. If you are fond of painting then do painting as well.

Stay connected with your loved ones.

Due to corona virus infection and lockdown. people are unable to meet their loved ones and the distance remains. In such a situation, you can connect with your friends and family over phone or video call. Talk to them, share your mind. By doing this you will feel lighter.





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